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How about your six favorite video game enemies?


Alright, then!

6- Alduin from Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I really like the idea that he can bring about the end of the world, and yet you put him in his place.

5- Mistral from Metal Gear Rising: Revengance. Her boss fight is one of the most epic things, and her design is just the fricking coolest.

4- Abobo from Double Dragon. I know this is a strange addition, but I strangely like the way his sprite looks, and Abobo’s Big Adventure.

3- Shy Guy from Super Mario Brothers 2. My favorite Mario character of all time because I really like the way he looks, but the reason he is so high on my list is this very simple question: What is behind the mask?

2- Handsome Jack from Borderlands 2. His personality is the reason why he is my number two, and how you watch him slowly devolve as you get closer to foiling his plan.

1- GLaDOS from Portal 1 and 2. How could this sarcastic robot not be my favorite? GLaDOS’s speech and the stuff she says make an already fun game soooo much better. And in the sequel, when she gets turned into a potato, and when you learn about her backstory is what catapulted her to the top of this list.


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One Photoset Per Character






Upon second viewing, I have definitely concluded that Guardians of the Galaxy is even better when you imagine it as a tabletop campaign with an increasingly frustrated DM who’s sick of being interrupted.

GM: “Roll 2d10.”
Peter: “Red high. Twelve.”
GM: “You have 12 percent of a plan.”

The entire prison break scene was just Rocket’s player rolling knowledge checks on every turn until something worked.

  • When Drax’s player said, “I go into the phone booth and call Ronan to Knowhere”, the DM stared open-mouthed for a minute, then called break time. The rest of the party was speechless.
  • Pretty much just in general, Drax’s player is one of those people who thinks Chaotic Neutral means “throws self at shit for the lulz” and is really fortunate he didn’t have many other opportunities to derail the campaign.
  • Gamora’s player gets really exasperated by the entirety of the campaign. They rolled a character with a tragic backstory and clear hooks to the villain to expand on, and had no idea that everyone else was going to be so silly. It leads to begging the party to just once execute a normal plan because look at Gamora’s stealth bonus, this min/maxed assassin needs a chance to use her abilities, please.
  • Rocket’s a skill monkey who, if not for Drax’s grand display of idiocy, would have gladly derailed the campaign with absurd plans.
  • Groot was a joke idea someone came up with that people ended up liking too much.
  • Ronan’s confusion when Star Lord began dancing was the DM’s confusion verbatim.
  • The DM now vetoes Chaotic Neutral characters on principle.

benedict cumberbatch returns home after a long flight


benedict cumberbatch returns home after a long flight


it;s just a fuckign cardigan 


it;s just a fuckign cardigan 


space jam 2 confirmed





A ship and an otp are two totally different things. A ship is something that you think about every once in a while that makes you smile for a bit and then you don’t think about it again for a week or so. An otp is something that makes you sob for hours on end as you stay up until 3 in the morning reading fanfiction as you lie in your bed in a puddle of your own tears contemplating you life choices. 


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and the Grammy goes to…Random Access Memories - Daft Punk.

From what I understand, these guys have been BFFs since grade school, which makes this extra sweet  

They have been. Perfect Bromance. 


Well…its the way I would have wanted to go.